CJUC (92.5 FM), based in Whitehorse, is Yukon Territory’s most widely-listened community radio station.

CJUC’s has served as an important resource for Whitehorse residents, providing training opportunities for community members in audio and radio technologies and providing volunteers a platform to broadcast a wide and eclectic mix of music and spoken-word selections that might otherwise be overlooked in Whitehorse.

Additionally, CJUC has become a key vehicle for artists belonging to Whitehorse’s thriving music scene, allowing them to present their work, build a local support base and promote performances.

CJUC is proud of local Yukon talent and features hours of local musicians of all stripes, from basement hero demos to professional recordings as well as providing training and production support for individuals who want to program their own shows. Programming includes world beat music from Jamaica to Estonia as well as plenty of rock, punk folk and emerging artists. Since 2003 it has grown to become the station of choice to listeners of all ages in Whitehorse at 92.5FM and around the world via Live Stream. at http://stream.openbroadcaster.com:8033/CJUC

Got an idea for a show, event coverage, production or any suggestion, donation or review? email us and lets talk. info@cjucfm.com

If you are a Band/ Artist/ Non Profit and have an event, put together a 30 second pitch and call it in (867) 322-1276. We can get the recording on air ASAP.